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Q01. What is the etymology of ADAPTEX?
Our company name is besed on "ADAPT" and "TECHNOLOGY".
Q02. What are the technological seeds of ADAPTEX?
Our seeds are developed by Professor Toru Yamamoto at the Hiroshima University, who is a director of ADAPTEX.
Q03. Show me a flow chart of ADAPTEX's control consulting service.
Please refer to here.
Q04. How is ADAPTEX's R&D system?
ADAPTEX has researched and developed advanced control technologies with several universities and users. Several academic conference appreciates those research results by giving some prizes.
Q05. How much is importance of PID tuning?
PID control scheme has been widely used in most chemical industries. PID controllers contribute operation around the clock. PID control performance dominates plant operation immediately.
Q06. Tell me how to purchase ID-P3.0.
ID-P3.0 is not marketed in stand-alone, as of now. Please purchase it via our consultation.
Q07. Tell me ADAPTEX's vision.
Our basic concept is that customers are most important. So we promise continuous innovation, and will expand good services.
Q08. Tell me employment opportunities.
Please refer to here.