Advanced Control Solution

We are powerfully supporting client's jobs which are control system design jobs and control performance improvement jobs in the fields of plant industries such as oil refineries and petrochemicals, and of motion controls of automobiles and robotics. We achieve energy-saving using our advanced technologies.

Plant industries

We have developed a lot of the world' first technologies, and contributes to the realization of drastic energy-saving. We are providing tuning technologies of controllers and re-engineering technologies of control system in order to improve client's operation.

Automotive Industries

We are supporting the technical innovation in the field of automobile. We have a lot of advanced technologies for the power train system. We develop the Low-fuel-consumption technologies.

Robot Industries

Robot industries have expanded recently, because of factory automation. The motion control technology is one of our favorite domain. We contribute to the creation of high quality life including robots.



Development Example: ESPEC Corp.

ESPEC initiated the project to develop the energy-saving controller for the environment tester which is one of their core products. They try to improve energetic efficiency by upgrading the control technology, and also to reduce maintenance costs. In this joint development, ADAPTEX has developed the control methodology cooperatively, and achieved 30% to 40% energy consumption reduction. Moreover, control performance such as a transition response has been drastically improved by dynamic decoupling. 

Environmental test chambers, "Platinous", can manipulate the temperature and humidity in the chamber by high accuracy. They are widely used in development scenes of biotechnology, auto industry, and mechanism. The performance of developed materials and devices can be examined in endurance in various environments. 

Newly developed control system possesses self-tuning function in order to improve serviceability. It is multivariable control structure which handles each manipulation value concertedly. This control scheme can reduce a sum of all manipulation energies by tuning automatically energy balance point. As a result, this project has not only achieved control performance, but also energy savings. 

(The above-mentioned is information in the development phase. )

(Picture: ESPEC-provided "Environmental test chambers (Platinous K-series)")

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